Top MMOs That Converts Real Money to In-Game Money

Many MMORPGs nowadays give an edge to players by incorporating real-money trading into the game. This will make easier for gamers to buy osrs account and other rare items which will help to increase their dominance in the game. Here are the top MMOs that allow players to convert real money to in-game currency:

Eve Online

Eve-Online is an innovative sci-fi MMORPG which is based on a player compelled, a tenacious world with a space travel environment known as New Eden. Gamers can use several various kinds of StarCraft through a vast gaming world, establishing intricate alliances, and even conquering other territories on space. EVE allows you to initiate for space battles on a minor or very huge scale, to collect resources of different kinds, to manufacture goods, to intervene in a massive interstellar market, and many more.
Eve is a subscription type MMO! It vends an item called PLEX (pilot license extension) that is tradable for about 30 game-time day which players can convert it to ISK, the in-game currency. PLEX usually priced at $20 and has a value of around 600M ISK in the game. It also presents a sense of real value to the eve economy, as thousands of real money worth of ISK is wasted every day. Note that any effort of exchanging ISK with real money is strictly prohibited.

Star Trek Online

Second on our list is Star Trek Online, this game was created by Cryptic Studios based on the Star Trek franchise movies. This MMORPG is set in the 25th century, 30 years since the events of Star Trek: Nemesis occurred.
In Star Trek Online, Zen is the mode of currency used to buy ships, high-end items, reputation rewards, and other things to boost your account. They can be acquired from the Perfect World website by using real cash. Another way of obtaining Zen is through dilithium conversion. Refine dilithium can be traded for Zen to other players according to their rate.

Guild Wars II

Another MMORPG that allows exchanging real money to in-game currency is Guild Wars 2. A lot of people will assert that it is the best MMO ever. It’s a fast-paced action game with rich and intricate chapters of stories in the Universe. Players can explore its awe-inspiring landscapes and challenge other players into a duel. This game is the sequel to the Guild Wars series developed by ArenaNet. Presently, it consists of a base game and a couple of expansion packs.
Gems are the game’s currency needed to purchase items from the Gem Store. These gems can be gained through real-world money or within the game for no added expense to the players. However, real money trading has bad effects on the game; some players executing great networks of bots to collect items and gold, spamming messages with advertisements, and even trying to steal other login information. Because of these, there are thousands of accounts closed due to their illegal activities.


These are just some of the most top-rated MMORPGs that can convert in-game currencies to cash. Though these are the most popular ones, there are hundreds of other games out there too. Because these types of games are increasing in number, you’ll surely find them right away and earn more cash as you enjoy a game or two.

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