2016 Canadian Gaming Summit: Most Anticipated Event for Gaming Professionals

canadian-gaming-summit-montreal-canada-4403-832480The upcoming Summit brings together all attendees from different gaming industries, disciplines and regions within and beyond Canada. The annual event is featuring game industry conference streams, extensive educational program, products and services, trade show floor, interactive networking events, annual awarding and recognition program and charity reception, opportunity to share wisdom on gaming with industry peers and professionals, and so much more.

The comprehensive educational program, consisting of sessions and keynote presentations which cover a wide discussion about gaming presented by industry leaders, is aimed to develop skills and knowledge required for gaming professionals to excel and cope in this generation’s rapidly evolving market and technology. This program includes seminars on Marketing, Gaming Operations, iGaming, Sports Betting, Finance, Human Resources, Gaming Technology and more.

33.CTMS_2013_B2_Casino_Gaming_Role_in_Marketing_DestinationsThe Canadian Gaming Summit, co-owned and founded by The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) and MediaEdge Communications, exhibits one-on-one interactions with seniors and professional decision makers who purchase gaming products and services across and beyond Canada. All attending delegates represent their respective gaming sector and discipline. Exhibiting such feat of knowledge on gaming is also beneficial to every gaming enthusiast and marketer. Below are some of the reasons of exhibiting games during the Summit.

  • Opportunity to showcase new products and services
  • Opportunity to exclusively meet senior and professional purchasers
  • Face-to-face interactions with current and prospective clients
  • Close existing industry opportunities and develop new ones in the business
  • Create comprehensive marketing plans which generate qualified sales to lead in the market

Every participant is ensured and backed by extensive promotional campaigns, every program and session are committed to bring total market awareness and lure qualified buyers to this event. Some events, including Canadian Gaming Summit Gold Classic and Canadian Gaming Industry, provide outstanding network opportunities for attendees in the event. In the span of two decades, excellent leadership and various achievements are recognized within the gaming industry through Industry Awards given annually.