How Videogame Dress Styles Influence Real – World Fashion

Years ago, the gaming industry’s fashion subculture started only with hoodies and t-shirts illustrating the games and its characters. It was a simple merchandising of gaming shirts that were specially made for the video games fanatics. Today, the situation has drastically changed with big-time high-fashioned brands connecting with the gaming industry. If you are also a fan of gaming dress style fan, check Stitch Fix Review: What’s the cost? Is it worth it? and below article before getting one for you.

Gaming and Fashion’s Collaboration

At present, there is an ongoing fashion trend that revolves around the 3D world of PC games. This is the result of the collaboration of the two industries that started few years ago. Even in the annual New York Fashion Week, dress style and fashion have been influenced by technology with the used of electrified dresses. Other innovations such as virtual reality runway experience have also been developed.

Bringing the gaming design to the world of the high fashion opened new opportunities and innovation. Years ago, nobody thought that a brand like Louis Vuitton would team up with the Final Fantasy’s developer. This has lead to millions of ideas and new products that have been beneficial to both the gaming and fashion industry.

Celebrities and their Video Games Dress Styles

The collaboration between the two industries was first seen in the famous Met Gala that was held two years ago. A number of celebrities walked in the red carpet wearing the so-called video games dress styles that serves as a preview to what it is today. The “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology” was the theme of the night where celebrities combined fashion, technology, and gaming in their outfit.

Kim Kardashian wore in a chromed-embellished Balmain dress, making her look like a futuristic queen of a distant galaxy. Zayn Malik was seen sporting a black Versace outfit, and he has bionic arms that represents Jax from Mortal Combat. In the same event, Katy Perry came with Orlando Bloom wearing a gown that has a strong similarity to Bayonetta, a Nintendo character. Her personal stylist also let her wear a belt that was attached by the famous Japan Pet game Tamagotchi.

The event clearly showed a preview of the emerging trend and collaboration of the gaming and fashion industry.

How Video Games influenced Fashion and Vice Versa

Video games influencing famous designers started a few years ago. In 2015, the famous spider dress designed by Anouk Wipprecht was a big hit in the technology industry runways and shows. The dress was made and inspired from the 2010 game entitled Limbo that was created by the Danish game-maker Playdead.

The same designer also came up with another experiment that collaborated fashion and technology.  Wipprecht made a bio-sensing headset shaped like a unicorn that records special moment which was used in observing children with ADHD. It was an accessory that has neurosensory tech and a tiny video camera.

In 2013, it was the other way around with the invention of a mobile game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood. The game’s mechanic was mainly based on the famous celebrity’s life, fashion, and expensive clothing. The mobile app game partnered with big brands such as Balmain, Juicy Couture, among others.


Nobody anticipated that the collaboration between these two industries will be as big as it is today. It has already changed the landscaped of the whole fashion industry and has open new opportunities and innovation.

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