Epic Movies Based on RPG

Once or twice in our lives, Putlocker admired the role-playing games many times which the nerds played in high school. Role-playing games have evolved from tabletop to reality. Below is a list of some of the epic movies that are based on role-playing games.

Drakmar: A Vassal’s Journey

This is a coming-of-age movie that has successfully managed to incorporate role-playing games. The main character, Collins, prepares to begin his first year in high school. He has grown up without a father figure. During his free time, he plays Live Action Role Play (LARP) with his brother. It is through live-action role-play that he learns how to be a man. It also helps him find the strength to look for his father and regain contact.


This movie is about the life of a celebrity after all the glamour and money is taken away from her. She gets a job in a role-playing game shop. In this job, she is sucked into the life of gaming. She goes on a fantastic quest with some of the nerds that are employed at the shop. This movie had the highest grossing in Iceland in 2007.

The Gamers

Produced in 2002, this is one of the oldest movies based on RPG. The movie is about five friends who live in a fantasy world. In the fantasy world, they act like heroes. The game master struggles to ensure that there is logic and order in the city. The heroes, on the other hand, continuously fight against practicality. The banter between the heroes, the five friends, and the game master makes this game even more interesting.

The Gamers: Darkness Rising

This is a sequel to the role-playing game The Gamers. In this sequel, the heroes take the adventure up a notch. The engage in more quests defy the rules of the game master. They set peasants aflame and bring chaos into the city among other things.

The Last Lovecraft:  Relic of the Cthulhu

The quest in this movie takes the main character, Lovecraft Jr. and his group of friends on a heroic journey to save the world by stopping evil from taking over. During the journey, they meet with weird fish people and unlock an ancient relic that has the ability to summon evil.

Unicorn City

This movie is about proving to a prospective employer that you can lead a team. This is done by being the king of a live-action role-playing society that strictly follows the rules of medieval RPGs. The main character, Voss, aims to keep the citizens of Unicorn City happy. He leads his small city using a new system of politics and of course, foam swords through a series of quests to prove he is a good team leader.

There are several epic movies produced that are based on role-playing games. They range from sobering reality to self-deprecating humor. Role-playing game movies have managed to immerse the audience in their wildest fantasies, bringing out their inner nerdy side.

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