Curbing Your Anger When Playing Video Games So you Can Enjoy It

Have you ever played a video game so hard that you kept on losing, and at one point, wanted to throw the controller at the TV? Do not worry, it happens to all of us, especially during boss fights with extremely OP bosses. No doubt that video is a lot of fun, but not everyone can take losing all the time. At times, constantly losing just makes you want to break the TV.

Now, if you cannot seem to control your anger, then you need to stop your game and ask yourself, “What can I do to prevent myself from breaking my video game?”

Here are a few tips to curb down your anger when playing games.

Take a Break

After losing too many times, you would tend to just keep on trying but with more rage in your eyes. The angrier you become, the less likely you will be able to beat that level. So, if you are consistently losing, take a break first. How do you know when to take a break? I know when I am not enjoying the game anymore. Go and do something else first then get back to your game later on.

Use a Walkthrough or Guide

If you really cannot beat a  level or kill a boss, then you need help. No, you do not need professional help but you do need a guide or a walkthrough. Fortunately, the internet is filled with various guides and walkthroughs that you can refer to. Some even have Youtube videos to show you how it is done.

So if you’re really stuck at a level, don’t keep on circling the map for hours—use a walkthrough.

Release your Rage

If you are already in a rage and just one move away from throwing your controller, then you need an outlet. What most people do is that they buy a punching bag or something similar. If they feel enraged or extremely angry, they can just continuously strike and hit the punching bag until they feel better. This is a great outlet you can try.

Of course, you can try other outlets as well such as running, meditating, or other things.

Try Some CBD Oil

We all know that being too angry for a long period of time is bad for us. So, in order to keep from brewing and brooding, there are actually some natural supplements that can help keep that fire down. One of them is CBD or cannabidiol oil. It has certain chemicals that can help with both the physical and mental state of a person. Its root ingredient is cannabis, which is the thing people use for recreational purposes (and getting high) when they are stressed. Unlike cannabis, though, CBD does not give you a “high” and is not addictive.

If you always seem to be getting video game rage, then you need to take a time out and think of what you can do about it. Video game rage is actually quite dangerous because it can make you snap at your friends or family members. It could even make you break your console. So, use these methods to calm yourself whenever you are having video game rage.