In-Game Skins Popularity

More and more gamers are hungrily hunting for customized skins that allow them to express themselves and appeal to their own personalities.

What Exactly are Game Skins?

Game skins will change the look of their characters. Or in the case of CS:GO skins change the look and feel of your weapon of choice. Hexen is a solid example of a game that uses game skins. It provides gamers the opportunity to disguise themselves or play without others knowing. This element makes playing definitely more exciting.

The Benefits of Game Skins

Because of the benefits game skins have created, they have become a top trend. Players really love to make their characters match their mood and personalities. Those that come with a price are mostly ones that can make a gamer’s character look classy. The site protects Steam users from scammers and will provide hundreds of choices. There are high colored skin choices which are recommendable when your system can take 300 colors. There are also low-colored skin choices which are the best if your system can only take less than 300 colors.

Why Get Steam Game Skins?

0251a68aac5cbe5430e3de628cd2d08e-650-80When a gamer becomes a member of Steam, the game skins can transform their layout to look very attractive and creative. To download skins, you would have to go through a quick workshop. This will avoid hacking. Players don’t often mind the extra task since it is easy to do, and it shows how reliable the site is. The workshop basically helps players spot their skins folders. It will then guide them to downloading and unzipping the folder chosen. Then, the Steam workshop would show players to the interface tab and the items of the skin choice chosen. Steam would then restart and provide the gamers an improved look.

Whatever a Steam gamer wants with his layout or character, it would be available! Let’s face it, a gray interface is just plain boring. When a non-Steam gamer checks out his Steam colleagues’ layouts and characters, he’d be amazed how gaming becomes almost true to life. Most players favor the dark Metro layout where they can easily navigate their list of friends and game arch enemies. It has a wonderful browse base utility that produces high quality.

As for game characters, there are millions of trends and most players try to find the most unique look. When one has game skins, he can be proud of how his character and layout looks. He’s been able to show off the challenging game he can pull off.

Current Game Trends for 2016

The gaming industry is ever-evolving. Each year, new trends pile up and each year, more exciting additions are made to cement the gaming industry further. 2015 has had a good set of game trends. This year, some trends have tailed off and some have skyrocketed. Here are the trends that will dominate the games industry this year. Get ready as you check out what will be widely up and running for 2016.

The rise of RPG continues

iro2-live-f9103The Role Playing Game has experienced decades of changes in terms of game design, and it has shown no sign of halting its constant march. RPG took over each video game genre there is. However, this is no longer surprising. The RPG is backed with solid core principles, such as storytelling, character/s development, and stirring game play. Players never cease to love following a story—especially if it’s one that’s impeccably arranged. RPG games enable players to feel like they’re actually the one in the game. They feel much more in character while on the game. They can choose a character they can relate to, choosing their own skills while following exciting quests– not to mention great graphics.

The blurring line between social media and game

The rise of multi-player games will continue. This will provide not just “gaming” experiences but “social” practices as well. It’s expected that more games will open multi-player options.

Increased involvement of crowdfunding in the games industry

Lots of games are steadily using crowdfunding sites to check the level of interest consumers have on their development, eventually gathering funds to start up. The big role of crowdfunding in today’s gaming industry will carry on.

Increased interest in immersive gaming – augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality

we-were-blown-away-by-virtual-reality-park-the-voidAugmented reality refers to the superimpositions of computer-generated sensations such as sound, graphics, video, or GPS data onto a real-world setting. Ingress, and app-based game, is an example of this. This game has transformed the real world into a gaming landscape.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is also starting to gain increasing popularity. Many manufacturers are starting to boost their production of VR headsets. With the Oculus Rift’s release earlier this year, there’s no doubt that VR gaming will be embraced far and wide this 2016.

These are some of the expected trends that we can noticeably see and feel this year. With the advancements of technology, trends are expected to further evolve and transform for the better.

Studies show There are more Adult Game Players than Children

In Entertainment Software Association’s 2015 report, they have found out that out of 155 million Americans who play games regularly, the average age of the regular game players is 35 years old. That means there are more adults who play games than children. 26% of players are under 18 years old and 27 percent are over 50 years old.

lenovo-Y50-35833726-0081Many people debate over whether this is a boon or a bane. Many consider this alarming because that could mean more adults are spending their time over unproductive things. However, there are also people who consider it a blessing since it was found out that playing video games fight against depression. Some studies believe that the more an adult plays video games, the less depressed they become since “video game play is literally the neurological opposite of depression”.

There were also other studies that conclude the exact opposite claiming that video gaming is the most common resort of those with an “escapist” mindset. These are the people who ignore real-world problems, get rid of stressful situations, and suppress unpleasant emotions by playing video games. The opposing studies believe that this could result negatively as it could lead to anxiety, social isolation, and depression, claiming that the more you spend time playing games, the less time you spend solving real-life troubles.

Although this has a point, this isn’t entirely true. Depressed players can self-medicate with games. Playing games can cure depression as long as it’s done with the right purpose—that is with a favorable goal like to develop your creativity (Minecraft), to learn problem-solving skills (Portal), to strengthen relationships with family and friends (Words with Friends), to get better in dealing with failures (Call of Duty), and to better yourself when faced with critical situations (League of Legends). These kinds of purposeful games can help players build self-confidence and real-life problem-solving skills. The more they learn these traits from these games, the less depressed they’d eventually become.