About Us

Crimson Cow Games is formed by a bunch of young geeks who devoted their early years in creating an RPG online game. These weird yet brilliant folks are IT professionals who believe that RPG games are capable of outstripping all other game genres.

Role-playing games are drawing so much popularity these days because of a myriad of reasons. It makes people escape from the boredom and woes of the real world. It frees people’s imagination. It also offers socialization as they’re mostly played in groups— which also triggers teamwork. The excitement and surprise factor is never absent. It simulates the real world in a way– but in a much colorful sense. The kind of progress it sets up makes players feel the sense of fulfillment and achievement they need, and the interesting and mysterious plots also soothe the players in a special way. The thought of overcoming evil triggers the player to value the significance of making a difference for the greater good, which we hope they could carry on in the real world. The wide range of characters ensures that every kind of personality can be relatable to a diverse range of players. These are why Crimson Cow Games is so passionate in moving forward with its quest.

Our mission is not just to create games but to create an epic RPG game that provides both excitement and value to the players. Making a game is never easy—with the every tightening competition and the saturation of the game types and versions everywhere.

It takes a great deal of creativity and innovation to make something that people will stick to and that people will never get tired of. This is the challenge that Crimson Cow Games has faced head-on. We are positive that we can tangibly pull this off.